I don’t get the name “FireFox”. I don’t get it on so many levels. Lets look at the other browser’s names first. We have “Internet Explorer”, descriptive, but not very creative. Microsoft does get credit for being the first to copyright the words internet and explorer together. Also Credit is […]

Firefox – What is with the name?

About time a removal tool got here. I’ve been copying my plagiarized text to Notepad for more than 8 years. And I’m tired of it. I’d just like to copy the text I want and not have to worry about anybody realizing where I got it from. Not only does […]

Office 2003 – Hidden Data

Are you an Idiot? That’s what the title of the post I found said over the image of Kata Dobo I scanned in from this months Maxim Magazine for my last post. At this point in time I’d have to answer that question positively. I’m an idiot, a huge uneducated […]

Deep Linking

I got my new monitor. An Apple Cinema HD 23″. Tonnes of desktop space and a new problem. No wallpapers. I’ve been looking and looking and I’ve only found a few good desktops. More specifically, only a few in which the photos were natively created at the 1920 x 1200 […]

1920 x 1200 Wallpaper

[Editors note – these instructions and drivers only applies to RC1; RC2, build 1433 or the final release require decorated drivers] Cutting edge just ain’t what it used to be. I remember when you used to buy a just released version of something and support staff from the company would […]

Windows XP AMD 64 Bit