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The Canadian Copyright Board ruled in December 2003 that the download of music for personal use is LEGAL. I’ve been waiting for this. I guessed it almost a year ago, as soon as they raised the tax on recording media to compensate the CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association).

I’ve read everything I can find in the media about this. Let me outline what we can and cannot do.

    • You can legally download MP3s from the internet for personal use as long as you are not selling, renting or otherwise disseminating them to other people.


    • You can borrow CD’s from friends and create your own MP3s


    • You still can NOT give MP3s to friends or upload them on the internet. Providing MP3s to others remains a criminal activity.


  • Illegal MP3s are still illegal. This means prerelease MP3s that are stolen from the recording studios are illegal to own. It also means that if an MP3 is digitally encrypted you may only possess that MP3 if it is available from a source that was never encrypted. Breaking MP3 encryption remains illegal.

Thankfully the Americans are still breaking the law in record numbers and the Net is saturated with MP3s to download.

This is all made possible because we’re paying a small tax on all our blank CD’s and tapes. All we need now is a small tax on photos and then pictures like this would be legal too.

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One thought on “Legal MP3s in Canada

  • Kyle

    Well, up above you said that you can download mp3s from the internet for personal us, but you can not give mp3s to friends or upload them on the internet. If people are unable to upload them on the internet, how are they going to be supplied for download?