Office 2003 – Hidden Data

About time a removal tool got here.

I’ve been copying my plagiarized text to Notepad for more than 8 years. And I’m tired of it. I’d just like to copy the text I want and not have to worry about anybody realizing where I got it from. Not only does it make me look smarter. I advertise how smart I think those people are that I copied from when I get caught. It’s a win-win situation.

I’m just surprised it’s the company that started the damn tracking that is the one to finally release a removal tool.

Microsoft releases metadata removal tool

A year ago, 10 Downing Street published a dossier on Iraq’s security and intelligence organisations. It was cited by none other than Colin Powell in his address to the United Nations. Then a lecturer in politics at Cambridge University discovered that much of the 19-page document was copied from three different articles, one written by a graduate student.


How did he know? In the document there was a listing of the last 10 edits of the document, showing the names of the people who worked on the file. These logs are normally hidden and cannot be viewed directly in Word.


MS Word is notorious for containing private information in file headers, but not any longer. Microsoft has quietly released a tool to scrub leaky metadata from documents edited with its software. The Remove Hidden Data Add-In will permanently remove hidden and collaboration data, such as change tracking and comments, from MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint files. For Windows XP/Office 2003 only, we should add. ?

Funny thing is, I just did the same thing the British government did. Only difference is, that only about two hundred people will see this and because there is no picture, only about twenty will read it. Of those 20 I bet most will be close personal friends and family, so there is only an outside chance I’ll get in trouble for stealing all of this information.

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