1920 x 1200 Wallpaper

I got my new monitor. An Apple Cinema HD 23″. Tonnes of desktop space and a new problem.

No wallpapers.

I’ve been looking and looking and I’ve only found a few good desktops. More specifically, only a few in which the photos were natively created at the 1920 x 1200 resolution. I have found more than a couple where somebody just opened a pre made desktop in Photoshop and changed the image size. These I’ve grabbed because I’m desperate here, but would never think to push them off to you as native 1920 x 1200 wallpapers. Below is a desktop “size example”wallpaper to show you what I’m looking for.

If you’ve got the Internet Explorer Image Tool bar turned on, it is going to resize the image to fit your screen. Please turn it off to understand the difference in a 1024 x 768 and 1920 x 1200. (IE / Tools / Internet Options / Advanced / Uncheck “Enable Automatic Image Resizing”)

1920 x 1200

I’ve posted some of the best resolution wallpapers I could find here for all those people that are willing to help me in my search. Post a link in the comments if you find any other locations for good wide screen format wallpapers.


You’ll notice my image preference seems to be one way or the other, childish or very adult. That wasn’t exactly my choice, but all that I could find. I was actually surprised with the number of child focused desktops at this size, I actually was wondering how many parents can afford to buy their kids $3000.00 monitors. I have started using MS desktop manger to run multiple desktops so I can switch between when the kids are around and when they are not.

Help me out here people.

New larger wallpaper archive found. Read her at Wallpaper 2

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