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There is a interesting trend developing in clothing manufactures. Clothing that encompasses our everyday technology. Below is some of the coolest new clothing accessories I’ve seen in a long time.

This iPod Nano belt buckle is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen because I’d actually wear one. Run the head phones up under your shirt and I think you’d get away with the secret agent look at worst.

IPod Integrated clothing - TuneBuckle

 Ipod Integrated clothing – TuneBuckle [Link removed due to Link Rot]

A must see, this backpack is I suspect a one of a kind but really interesting none the less. Take note of the shot of the cell phone carrying location.

Dragon Backpack
[Link removed due to Link Rot]

I think this jacket might be a close second on the wear ability list, But I just don’t think I could tolerate having a jacket that has it’s own phone number.

MP3 and GPS Jacket
MP3 and GPS Jacket [Link removed due to Link Rot]

Now this jacket I would buy, it uses cameras to take pictures of what’s behind you and displays it on the front from the inside. Not sure what I would use it for, but I like it.

Integrated electronics in our clothes. Cool idea. I’ll keep you up to date on anything else I find.

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