Wallpaper 2

I went looking for a new set of wallpapers for my Apple HD Cinema 2560 x 1600 pixel monitor. The old set of 1920 x 1280 wallpapers have served me well. But I needed to grab something new.

Type in 2560 x 1600 and you’ll find a hundred links to pretty cool archives but most only via rapidshare. And I don’t have an account. So after a lot of looking I found a new site, way down the google rankings that had some of the sexiest desktops I’ve seen.

I was going to steal the pictures and host them here, but then decided that due to the bandwidth required, I’d leave them where they were and tip my hat to the site. Check out the wallpapers at ClearVapour.com.

I’ve been back to the site a few times and appreciate the syle. And it brings up the point of what is appropriate online. I’ve never shied away from sexy. But at what point is a site “pornographic”?

A couple years ago I spun off my tech stuff to a new buisiness site, and my personal stuff to a another site (I don’t have much there). Now I’m thinking of turning TransparentSmoke back into the blog it should have been. Essentially annonymous, and full of the under currents running through my head.

Enjoy the stuff at ClearVapour and post any cool wallpaper galleries you know about.

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