Stop Microsoft from Spying 3

Microsoft is spying on you. They are watching everything you do and everything you say. Now honestly they don’t have the resources to watch it all, but they could if they wanted to. And if you would like to stop them, then start with these easy steps.

1) Run XP Antispy 3.951
2) Edit your hosts file at C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

*** NOTE – This file does not have an extension and will prompt you to select the best program for the job, just choose to “Select program from list” and choose notepad or wordpad ***

Add these lines to your hosts file and save to complete your Microsoft block.

Now you have stopped Microsoft from spying on you the easy way, your still leaking information, but the rest is so deeply embedded in the operating system you’ll have trouble getting them to stop it.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Microsoft from Spying

  • kathy

    they,ve buggered up the system since my husband looked into what your saying. but am in agreement with you . virus trogan horse is here at the moment. but hopefully he,s cleverer than that.

  • kathy

    Particular trojan horse mentioned is nowt to do with microsoft. its actually called hacker defender, and was inadvertently downloaded while looking for antispy software to stop microsoft from accessing my system. There is a very complicated way to get rid of it, but an easier way is to back up to disc, and re-install windows.

  • Rogue

    Good article, though some more info on the hosts file and what it does would be good for the newb..

    In brief, *any* website domain that you find distasteful can be blocked via the hosts file, which is the first port of call when your system attempts to resolve an address. The address is called a loopback address, as it refers to your own system.

    And on the subject of spying.. is Microsoft’s search engine hookup (sa=search assistant) that sends M$ the search string for everything you type into the windows file finder. If you only block one host in your hosts file, let it be !