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Here I am, mild mannered individual, just with a small paranoia that someone’s watching my family through the picture window. So close to being perfectly average that I was this close to being named “Peter Parker” at birth. But alas society is forcing me to change. Forcing my hand to become either a super hero, or super villain. It is the actions which I take now that shall determine my final destiny.

I played around with the super villain idea (cool costume, all the girls, evil henchmen), but my wife says I have to be a super hero.

So here I am. Beginning my fight for right. And I’ve got no idea what I’m supposed to do. So I’ve decided that I’ll help you common folk by informing you of who those creeps are watching through the window.

Todays creep is

First thing your going to notice if you clicked on that link is that Google knows where you live. Most of you will be redirected to But they know more. Not just your country, or your city, but right down to the street you live on. If you all remember last years Google $10,000 contest for best search innovation (which in itself was crap because they got your idea for only $10,000 dollars) you’ll remember that you never heard who won. I’ve found out for you.

News item: “The winner of the 2002 Google programming contest and the $10,000 prize was Daniel Egnor. Egnor’s winning project allows users to search web pages based on locale. Egnor took street addresses, converted them to latitude and longitude coordinates, and then created a location index. The result was a system that allows users to focus keyword searches to an area of a specific location.”

As I proved above, Google is already using this technology to redirect your request to How long before you can’t search to buy switchblades and throwing stars because they’re illegal in Canada? It could be that its in place already, as I was unable to find a single online sales location to offer these two products, using Google.

Check for yourself if they already know where you live at

Secondly I’ve found some very persuasive arguments to the fact Google is selling/giving your information away because their privacy agreement (you read it right?) is so vague they can do whatever they want with your information. (Actually I couldn’t find it. I even Googled for it and this is what I got when I entered the terms “Google Privacy Statement“. Take a read and see if you agree with what they are saying at

To do my part in protecting you as your new super hero.

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5 thoughts on “Google: The New Enemy

  • JagEsquire

    I haven’t decided. I guess if I have to be a super hero, I want to be one of those old fashion hero’s. Tights and bulging super hero costumes, with a mask, gotta have a mask.

    I like “JagEsquire: Defender of all that is good and fair”. But you can just call me JagEsquire.

  • El Robbo

    Why bother with a mask if you’re gonna walk around with your initials on your chest?

  • Jamie

    After feverishly trying to get the image of [JagEsquire] in tights out of my mind, I thought I’d check something.

    Oddly enough… (from the GeoBytes Site) =
    We are currently unable to locate the address at this time. =
    We are currently unable to locate the address at this time.