Chemtrails for Hire

I’ve been having the Chemtrail vs Contrail vs Cloud Seeding argument with some of my co-workers for months now.  The one definitive thing I have decided is that if you want someone to not talk to you for a few days, come down on one side or the other.  Are they harmful? Are they on purpose? It doesn’t really matter which point you argue.  Each point will set off a different portion of those having the argument with you.

Having caused all of them to stop talking to me, Icontrails decided we have a consensus on the following points in relation to Chemtrails.

1) Contrails exist, according to Wikipedia they are defined as “streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.”  Planes create these by trailing warm exhaust through the much colder surrounding air (air up to -40 degrees below zero).  Even prop planes will produce contrails.

2) Chemtrails, if they exist, can be defined as the purposeful spraying of a chemical substance from a plane.  The key in this story is the spraying of something in the atmosphere to create a purposeful cloud layer so it rains on schedule.  The chemicals used are unknown and no country is admitting to actually dumping anything in the atmosphere from planes to create clouds.  Here is an old page from the American Air Force denying the practice.  It does leave the question open about whether they are dumping chemicals for other reasons.

3) That the Chinese have been cloud seeding with powdered aluminum and silver iodide since the 40’s.  Could seeding is the creation of clouds by dumping some chemical into the stratosphere.  In china they do it with cannons.

Based on those “facts” this story blew me away.

Company offers rain-free wedding days for £100,000

But of course you probably want more of the story.  So read this instead.  It’s fully referenced with links at the bottom to document his article.

Chemtrails for Hire: One Company Lets the Rich Cloud Seed for a Sunny Wedding

So do Chemtrails exist? I have no idea if they did.  But I do know that they do now, because someone is selling them as a service for the likes of Paul McCartney and the Queen.

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