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Isn’t it bad enough that Google knows where you live? Don’t you feel violated that they are filtering your searches based on country?

Here we are being forced back into our enclaves. Forced to interact with the lonely guy/girl down the block, just like when you were 15 and didn’t have a car yet.

Isn’t it bad enough the major corporations are trying to stick us back in cities so as they can tell us about the world around us, instead of being allowed to explore it on our own.

But now there is a guy, Mikel Maron, who has decided all on his own that we should register where we’re from. That we should go to lengths to make sure that him and the government and major corporations know exactly where we live. Where we’re from. So our information can be filtered out just like Iraqi businesses had their information “filtered” out. What gave anyone the right to block little *Pepe’s flower shop website, the Americans never said anything about him being our enemy. I mean assuming it’s still standing doesn’t he have the right to solicit sales from anyone worldwide?

Don’t get me wrong. This is cool technology. I mean imagine typing in “pizza” in Google and having it return all the places that deliver to your home.

But what about when you want to check to see if the price they are charging you is the same as the guys in a neighbouring city? Will you be able to get to their “neighbour” priced web site? [It was pointed out that Canadian Tire is already doing this as they force you to enter a postal code to determine your location.]

What if I have something to say that people in another country should read? Will it get through to them. Or will the corporations/governments filter me before my message gets there?

This will destroy the web as we know it. I always liked the fact that I was able to sell my ideas and products to the world. I think Mikel Maron may have started our downfall.

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[* Fictitious story based on the fact Coalition forces suppressed all forms of communication to and from Iraq. Including internet websites]

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