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Talk about a waste of an evening. No correct that not a waste. But a lot of lost time. One simple link sent me falling back in time, remembering things that I haven’t thought about in years, if ever.

You see I came across this web page with some really cool instructions on how to create a Cryo Pod out of your Optical Mouse. Check it out at Metku Mods. Cool stuff and suitable to be posted here on its own.

Cryo Pod Mouse
by Jani ‘Japala’

I’m tempted to rip mine apart and give it a go.

But something didn’t sit right. You see the designer had handed me the thought process to remember Han Solo being frozen in Carbonite in “Empire Strikes Back”. So I went to look for images of that to see if I was miss remembering it.

Han Solo - Carbonite

I wasn’t. It’s just that it doesn’t match. Han was frozen solid and “Serena” was stuck behind a sheet of glass. On top of that I couldn’t figure out why his choice to freeze a female was resonating so strongly in me. So I started googling.

I remembered a movie I had watched with my Dad, years before rentals and downloads. A movie I had stayed up way past bed time to watch. I remember I kept expecting him to turn around and send me to bed. He never did. I watched and watched, in pure fascination. Death scenes and explosions and … Nudity.

But for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of it. The plot had to do with a civilization killing themselves off before they got old, and I remembered frozen naked people. It took a while but I found it. I found out that I had watched “Logan’s Run” with my Dad.

Logans Run

Well you see this caused an entirely other thought process to happen in my head. For the first time I realize that the first woman I had ever associated with female nudity was Jenny Agutter. I couldn’t to this day tell you if she was nude in the movie. Screen shots I’ve found online suggest that she was naked. But I’m not sure if we ever saw her in full undress.

Jenny Agutter - Logans Run

Talk about a shock to your senses. Seeing the woman you first thought manly thoughts about again after all these years. If that wasn’t enough. She bears an uncanny resemblance to my wife…

Fate? Coincidence? Luck? Who knows? But I love her with all my heart.

Back to the Cryo Pods. You see in the back of my head the picture of the Lego girl frozen in the mouse had caused me to remember this scene.

Loguns Run - Cryo Pods

You see the Mouse Mod is cool, but the designer got it wrong. It’s not a “Star Wars” thing. It’s a “Logan’s Run” take off. If he had only called his young Lego volunteer “Jessica 6” I would have saved myself the evening.

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  • E-Slayer

    I’m not really commenting on the post itself, just the fact that you started Googling…lol