Every person starts their careers helping others by doing things for free. Usually this happens a long, long time before they make it big. Great Chefs once forced their families to eat burnt fruit cake every Christmas till they got it right. Frightened dogs had to suffer through nights in rickety dog houses made by future contractors. Our families were forced to endure weekly re-installs to make our games run faster, and lots of horrible blinking web graphics.

Those formative years place a mark on people and the companies they run years later. The employees at TransparentSmoke realized early that the internet is a frugal place. That the elusive dream of millions of dollars, is just the next job away, yet years from truly being readily achievable. To this end we have worked hard and built a base of loyal customers.

The early years also formed a belief system that has stuck with us through the years. Sometimes computers and the internet are a little boring. No scratch that. Computers and the internet are always boring. It is the relations with customers that make the job enjoyable. Meeting the challenges of a job is our impetus to excel at our work and a foundation for great relationships between TransparentSmoke and our Friends, our readers.

Server Information

Information about our server can monitored online at:

PHP SysInfo reports our current hardware configurations.  Also on the list near the bottom are Memory and Hard drive utilization.

Network Traffic

Information about TransparentSmoke’s network usage can be monitored online at:

MRTG monitors all traffic coming in and out of our offices via our server. The green lines indicate data that we have downloaded into the offices or you have uploaded to our server. The blue line indicates total upload bandwidth from the TransparentSmoke servers.

Advanced Web Statistics

Each domain hosted on TransparentSmoke is tracked using Advanced Web Statistics. Advanced Web Statistics is updated by our servers every hour and displays information to help us and our contributors tighten their code and eliminate superfluous files that may be costing us money..