They did it!! An American research firm has invented the first Functional Force Field. I’m really bummed they called it something stupid. But the “Plasma Valve” blocks the transmission of air through a sealed tube in less than one nanosecond. A little more work and I think we’ve got it. […]

Force Field Invented

I’ve been working with graphics for years. Sometimes like to think of myself as marginally talented. My stick figures are never going to match this guy?s skill. Follow the tutorial and maybe you’ll equal him one day. Send me your photoshops, I’ll post them here and give them a home. […]

Photoshop Tutorial

I spend my days supporting an extended network of over 350 machines. When I had an upstanding user forward me this information, I almost took a load in my pants. I lock my BIOS’s to ensure no one can tamper with information on my machines. I use it to make […]

Reset BIOS Password

Isn’t it bad enough that Google knows where you live? Don’t you feel violated that they are filtering your searches based on country? Here we are being forced back into our enclaves. Forced to interact with the lonely guy/girl down the block, just like when you were 15 and didn’t […]

World Blog Map

This is my email address: &# 106;&# 097;&# 103;&# 101;&# 115;&# 113;&# 117;&# 105;&# 114;&# 101;&# 064;&# 116;&# 114;&# 097;&# 110;&# 115;&# 112;&# 097;&# 114;&# 101;&# 110;&# 116;&# 115;&# 109;&# 111;&# 107;&# 101;&# 046;&# 099;&# 111;&# 109;Note: I have added spaces after every # sign so as the character codes […]

Stop Spam

I got my new monitor. An Apple Cinema HD 23″. Tonnes of desktop space and a new problem. No wallpapers. I’ve been looking and looking and I’ve only found a few good desktops. More specifically, only a few in which the photos were natively created at the 1920 x 1200 […]

1920 x 1200 Wallpaper

Here I am, mild mannered individual, just with a small paranoia that someone’s watching my family through the picture window. So close to being perfectly average that I was this close to being named “Peter Parker” at birth. But alas society is forcing me to change. Forcing my hand to […]

Google: The New Enemy

[Editors note – these instructions and drivers only applies to RC1; RC2, build 1433 or the final release require decorated drivers] Cutting edge just ain’t what it used to be. I remember when you used to buy a just released version of something and support staff from the company would […]

Windows XP AMD 64 Bit

Microsoft is spying on you. They are watching everything you do and everything you say. Now honestly they don’t have the resources to watch it all, but they could if they wanted to. And if you would like to stop them, then start with these easy steps. 1) Run XP […]

Stop Microsoft from Spying

Talk about a waste of an evening. No correct that not a waste. But a lot of lost time. One simple link sent me falling back in time, remembering things that I haven’t thought about in years, if ever. You see I came across this web page with some really […]

Cryo Pods