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No one has asked me anything yet.

Here are a couple questions I hope you have.

  1. Can I send you some whisky to review
  2. How can I find out where to send it?
    By emailing me at SendWhisky@TransparentSmoke.com
  3. What do the Rating Numbers mean?
Our rating scale:
 01-19 - Disgusting: I would pour this out rather than drink it.
 20-29 - Poor: I forced myself to drink it because pouring it is a waste.
 30-39 - Bad: I can't stop talking about whats wrong.
 40-49 - Sub-par: I can drink this, but I'd prefer something else.
 50-59 - Average: This is good enough.
 60-69 - Good: This is better.
 70-79 - Great: This is starting to be the good stuff, well above average.
 80-89 - Excellent: These are the ones we are looking for, really quite exceptional.
 90-99 - Incredible: If you can find these, buy them.
 100 - Perfect: I thought I tasted one of these once, but I didn't like it as much the second dram.

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