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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength (17-5593)

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength (17-5593)

Tasting Date: 2021-04-22

Region: American Whiskey

Type: Tennessee Whiskey

Age Statement: NAS

Size: 700ml

ABV: 64.5% ABV

Cask Type: New charred American oak

Distiller: Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Location: Lynchburg, Tennessee

Bottler: Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Purchase Location: Liquor Gallery 13030 50 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Purchase Date: October 2020

Cost: $89.30 including GST & Deposit

Tasting Notes From The Jack Daniel’s Website:

Barrel Strength lifts Jack’s trademark vanilla and toasted oak flavors to bold new levels for an aromatic and smooth whiskey experience, complemented by notes of sweet brown sugar that give way to hints of dark spice.

Colour: Burnished copper

TransparentSmoke Review: Let’s start off with the honest truth. It comes in two parts, One: I’m not a Jack guy. I will always choose something else before I pour a dram of Jack to sit back and enjoy. Two: I should have been a Jack guy. I can drink Jack like there is no tomorrow. I just keep drinking and talking and drinking… till I can’t anymore. So when I found out Jack comes in a version that is more than 1.5x as strong as I was used to, it required an extreme amount will power and dedication to refrain from finishing the bottle that first time. Because after that first dram, all I could do was drink and talk and drink and ….

All three of the bottles I have had of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength are from Barrel No. 17-5593 Rick no. L-18 Bottling Date 8 .25.17 . Let me be clear, do not confuse this bottle with Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof. Barrel Proof looks almost exactly the same but has a fluctuating ABV. Also Barrel Proof is only able to be looked up online if you say you are accessing the website from the USA. When I bought the first bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength, I was going to a Jack Daniel’s Sinatra party in March of 2020 (a few days pre-COVID) and I didn’t want to show up empty handed. After that evening, I went back and bought two more. I am half way into the second bottle. This review made me think to check if I can get more, so I recently went back to my Liquor Gallery. They are all sold out.

Jack has a distinctive drinking sensation and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength is no different just more intense. A pattern of events that draw you in and then kicks your ass and then if you aren’t smart enough, it draws you in again to do it all over. The pattern starts with the nose. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength has wonderfully potent nose of banana and brown sugar. Vanilla catches you off guard at times and when you go to try and find it, all you get is the banana and brown sugar. A nice sip hits you with spice and zest that present as white pepper and baked banana bread. It spreads over your tongue with flavours of cinnamon and butterscotch. Till it hits your throat and the devil in a glass of Jack, spreads outwards 3 or 4 seconds after you finish swallowing, warming across your chest with intense heat. Then you catch a smell of the glass again and consider doing that all over again.

If you can find bottle of this specific Barrel No 17-5593, buy it. If you can find any bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength buy it if you can find it cheap enough. I recently saw an ad for a bottle of it at BSW Liquor, Calgary for $64.99.

Our Score: 90/100

Bottles on Hand: Empty bottle - we have run out!

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength - Box back
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength – Box back