I’ve been having the Chemtrail vs Contrail vs Cloud Seeding argument with some of my co-workers for months now.  The one definitive thing I have decided is that if you want someone to not talk to you for a few days, come down on one side or the other.  Are […]

Chemtrails for Hire

I went looking for a new set of wallpapers for my Apple HD Cinema 2560 x 1600 pixel monitor. ... I was going to steal the pictures and host them here, but then decided that due to the bandwidth required, I'd leave them where they were and tip my hat to the site. Check out the wallpapers at ClearVapour.com.

Wallpaper 2

There is a interesting trend developing in clothing manufactures. Clothing that encompasses our everyday technology. Below is some of the coolest new clothing accessories I’ve seen in a long time. This iPod Nano belt buckle is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen because I’d actually wear one. Run the head […]

Integrated Electronics

I don’t get the name “FireFox”. I don’t get it on so many levels. Lets look at the other browser’s names first. We have “Internet Explorer”, descriptive, but not very creative. Microsoft does get credit for being the first to copyright the words internet and explorer together. Also Credit is […]

Firefox – What is with the name?

Every year I read a new article in which someone says that George Orwell just got the date wrong. That the novel 1984 was the right concept, it just came a couple, ten, twenty years too late. Every year I wonder if those people ever read the book. Eric Arthur […]

RFID – Orwellian Overtones

About time a removal tool got here. I’ve been copying my plagiarized text to Notepad for more than 8 years. And I’m tired of it. I’d just like to copy the text I want and not have to worry about anybody realizing where I got it from. Not only does […]

Office 2003 – Hidden Data

The Canadian Copyright Board ruled in December 2003 that the download of music for personal use is LEGAL. I’ve been waiting for this. I guessed it almost a year ago, as soon as they raised the tax on recording media to compensate the CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association). I’ve read […]

Legal MP3s in Canada

I’d like to say I was as web savvy as the average guy, but I have always hedged my response. Lately, I always think I can’t find original enough things that are interesting online. News sites and Link Dumps seem to always beat me to the punch. I keep holding […]

Project Gutenberg

Are you an Idiot? That’s what the title of the post I found said over the image of Kata Dobo I scanned in from this months Maxim Magazine for my last post. At this point in time I’d have to answer that question positively. I’m an idiot, a huge uneducated […]

Deep Linking

I’ve just received my November copy of Maxim magazine in the mail. Now why, you ask, would a person about to rip a new one into Maxim magazine, have a subscription to Maxim in the first place. Well the story goes back about three years. I was doing the weekend […]

Maxim should be Ashamed

I’ve stopped having fun on the internet over the past few weeks. I don’t know where the fun went. I just know its not here anymore. Maybe I should of stayed offline till September like I said I might. This fit my mood. Maybe you’ll agree. I found it at […]

Welcome to the Internet

When did reality catch up with Sci-Fi? On the ninth of June I reported scientists had developed a working Force Field. Now I’m reading the American Defense Department may produce a working mobile laser gun within the year. DefenceTech.org is reporting that it will be powerful enough to vaporize a […]

Lasers And Teleportation